Green Jobs Pledge

African Trade Exhibition pledges committing to a future that reduces emissions and builds inclusive economies where workers have decent and well-paying jobs with aims to reduce the negative impacts on workers and communities of transitioning to zero-carbon communities and economy while ensuring that benefits are fairly distributed.

We will do all within our capacity through capacity development and sensitization of youths, women, communities, and stakeholders to seek and ensure that the substantial benefits of a green economy transition are shared widely in Africa, while also supporting those who stand to lose economically such as workers, communities, industries, countries, and continents.

We also pledge to abide by the recommendation and agenda of the International Labour Organization through our actionable strategies to identify the obvious organizational barriers to a successful transition, identify the blind spots that can block a successful transition, align the cultures, set realistic expectations, and manage change using a top-down approach.

With the consent and approval of our consortium, we shall achieve our pledge to contribute adequately to sustainable green communities and the world at large.