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Is an International Non-Governmental Organization, affiliated organ of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and represents the private sector of 57 Member Islamic countries


The African Continental Free Trade Area is a free trade area encompassing most of Africa.


To facilitate the access of micro, small and medium entrepreneurs and investors to all resources required for their development. SMEDAN has approximately five (5) million registered members

Reyes definido

A dynamic world-class ICT solution hub, powering creativity and innovation.

Markit lounge

Markit Lounge is a creative outreach agency with 360 approaches that combine marketing and advertising to help foster work across the MENA region with global foresight. ML provides total comprehensive solution services aligned with the digital era to various industries. We brief, analyze, plan, create and manage to develop your dreams and drive them to existence with a unique and exclusive identity and presence. We strategically turn products and services into experiences and emotions to build meaningful brands that resonate with the world and inspire. Through a highly performance 360 method, we support our clients to set SMART goals to ensure their business growth.

on-time group

On Time Group is a multifunctional and operational business. It merges the industrial filed with management and trading to generate a complementary work. It has been established to serve various range of customers within their sectors domains as products or services. Since 1980s, projects have been planned, designed and implemented for private, public as well social sector. OTG integrated services to domestic and international business organization and provides client and corporate oriented professional services, based on international standards, codes, procedures and more commitment for excellence.

Afro-Asian union

The Union is founded under the umbrella of (AAPSO) and was officially announced on November 11th, 2020. The main aim of the union is to spread awareness in Africa and Asia, making research and development part of our culture. Moreover, it aims to grow different sectors such as tourism, E- commerce, Education, Sustainable development etc. AFASU works to minimize poverty and unemployment. The union aims to preserve national heritage and crafts to improve people’s lives and solve their economic problems.
Kasa Yields Limited

Kasa Yields Limited (KYL)

Kasa Yields Limited (KYL) is an industry leader in the export of agro commodities. KYL work directly with the rural farmers in Nigeria to facilitate and process agricultural products. KYL core value is quality at all times. They supply the best standard of agro commodities from Nigeria.


Developers, product managers and designers