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ATE is solving problems for millions of Africans and the world on the following areas:

Hunger Mitigation / Ecological Agriculture

Green Jobs Development


Advanced Education

Green Electricity

Waste Recycling

Zero Emission Transportation

Eco-friendly Housing


Cultural Tourism

About Ate

African Trade Exhibition (ATE) is a premier African trade convening virtual hybrid platform powered by a consortium of International Trade and Investment partners that facilitate trade promotions and Foreign Direct Investment. The organization is managed by a team of experts with diverse expertise ranging from Public Private Partnership, Global trade facilitation, Business Development, and Private Equity to government relations and organizational leadership for civil society.

ATE is the premier public-private platform for effective risk mitigation, reducing conventional exhibition expenditure by 90% plus and investment pitching logistics on bilateral trade engagement for Entrepreneurs, SMEs, Inventors, Innovators, Investors, Organizations, Policy Makers, Business Leaders, Governments, less privileged and the disabled to showcase their ideas, brands, products & services to build a better audience, partnership, investors, Business-to-Business, and Business-to-Customers networking from the comfort zones of their businesses/organizations to boost and harness trade & heritage potentials in Africa for Posterity. ATE is a biannual event scheduled for early June and December yearly to adequately keep sensitizing, engaging, and empowering the increasingly resourceful digitalized youthful population of Africa towards sustainable Just Transition to Communities green jobs initiatives.

In Africa, trade is a key enabler for economic growth and unity. Cognizant of its importance to the continent’s post-pandemic recovery, Reyes Definido Solutions looked for ways to ensure that intra-African and international trade could keep flowing with or without the pandemic, thereby eradicating the barriers of logistics and financial constraints. It is imperative that the continent adopts the latest trends in digital, data, secured virtual hybrid experience and design. The shift from conventional exhibitions to a virtual hybrid platform initiated by Reyes Definido Solutions is a big trend unfolding on the continent.

At a time when cross-border trading is high on the agenda within the continent, the African Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA) agreement is now a reality, and the lunch of the Pan-African Payment and Settlement System PAPSS is primed to facilitate the expected increased volumes in local currency cross-border payments.

The increased internet and mobile phone penetration, create economic opportunity for Africans and for those wishing to engage economically with the continent by giving business developers and entrepreneurs the tools needed to research the market, find investors, and reach customers while also allowing consumers to find and pay for products and services securely online. In addition, the increase in technology adoption has spurred growth in the Fintech sector. Fintech services can allow Africa’s currently unbanked population to participate in economic activity beyond the confines of their communities despite the shortcomings of infrastructure in other areas.

African Trade Exhibition (ATE) virtual hybrid is a premier intra-African trade exhibition convening platform and trade information hub for the continent for discovering and uncovering the creativity of ideas, inventions & innovations, entrepreneurs, SMEs, corporate executives, business leaders, investors, policymakers, non-profit/non-governmental organizations, and governments institutions across Africa to bridge the huge gap of information circulation to its citizens, while the teeming youths and women within the continent showcase their ideas, products, services and the diverse rich cultures of the continent to enhance trade and steer Africa towards self-sufficiency.

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Join us to discover the creativeness, invention, innovations, and diverse cultures in Africa, while steering African Trade.

African Trade Exhibition provides an information communication technology trade hub bent on unlocking Africa’s trade & heritage potentials with its proactive ways to support your business aims and objectives leveraging the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) to provide Entrepreneurs, SMEs, and organizations with the tools to respond more effectively to the social economic challenges and seamlessly mitigate information gap in Africa while driving all African trade activities. We are optimistic about the opportunities for leveraging technology (African Trade Exhibition virtual hybrid platform) as a way to remove barriers, drive success and achieve substantial results in African Trade.

Africa makes up around 20% of the earth’s landmass and is home to approximately 16% of the world’s population. 

Nevertheless, Africa’s economies account for just 3% of the world’s GDP implying the huge potentials available to be exploited. Lead the conversation & distinguish your brand by positioning your company as the leading solutions provider in your sector to your prospective clients and customers during the African Trade Exhibition (virtual hybrid) Platform.

Participation is by organizational representation. Speakers, delegates, exhibitors, and sponsors are expected to be in attendance to represent their businesses, institutions, or governments from the comfort zone of their various offices, showrooms, factories, and warehouses.

Kindly note that the African Trade Exhibition is optionally structured to be achieved via 95% on the ATE virtual platform to help reduce capital expenditures and operating expenses while mitigating logistics risk and casualties for all parties involved to seamlessly harnessing bilateral trading in Africa

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