Libyans throng the streets of Tripoli’s old city for the summer festival

Libyans throng the streets of the capital for the Madina Summer Nights festival following efforts by the local administration to revive the Old City of Tripoli.

Libya’s insecurity and instability have been a hindrance to the tourism industry after the country’s strongman Mohamed Gaddafi was toppled in 2010

Medina which is an old city in Tripoli has beefed up security and tourism is now flourishing.

“This sends a message, not only in Libya but even to the world, that Libya is safe and has good things. And the most beautiful thing is every year we are developing,” said Reem Shohud, a civil society activist.

The Government of National Unity and the local authorities in the old city organized a night full of events that attracted a number of both local and international tourists.

Local leaders graced the occasion as security was beefed up for the once-in-a-year summer event.

“Of course, we are very happy as citizens, as people, and as residents of the city of Tripoli to hold such nights and such events. In fact, all thanks and appreciation to the Government of National Unity and the Old City Administration, as well as the Old City Organization for Development, for reviving such events. As citizens and residents, we lack these things. We lack exhibitions and dialogue and cultural sessions,” said Abdul Qudous Abdul Jawad Al-Maghribi, a civil engineer.

Libya has been torn by more than a decade of stop-start conflict since a NATO-backed revolt toppled strongman Moamer Kadhafi in 2011, with a myriad of militias forming opposing alliances backed by foreign powers.

The country remains split between a nominally interim government in Tripoli in the west, and another in the east backed by Haftar.

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